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Don't Forget Ukraine Billboard

To mark a decade of conflict in Ukraine, I collaborated with the International Rescue Committee to art direct, design, and animate a campaign reminding the world of how the lives of millions of Ukrainians has changed forever. 

As part of the project, we took over the iconic Piccadilly Circus Billboard in London and displayed a 10 minute film that spotlighted stories from Ukraine to the World. 


Art Direction, Design, Animation

Made With

Meg Aki, Chad Clendinen, Victoria Ancone, Lindsay D'Alessandro, Lyssa Walker White, Meghan Pernice, Josie Glassman

Lives torn apart

The animation and art direction for the campaign built upon IRC's previous campaigns where torn papers were a visual motif. 


Using tactile paper textures and a lot of rotoscoping, we isolated our protagonists from their surroundings to highlight all that's been lost.


In a conventionally crowded space we attracted attention using white space. Using camera effects and tactile transitions, we created a tapestry of stories that built upon each other.

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