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IRC | Global Rescue Dinner 2023


Design, Animation, Concept

Made With

Chad Clendinen, September Edelen, Katherine Lee, Lyssa Walker White, Vera Leung, Sumaya Agha

Founded in 1933 at Albert Einstein’s request, the International Rescue Committee (IRC) provides emergency aid to refugees in 40 countries and 26 U.S. cities.

The 2023 Global Rescue Dinner celebrated the 90th anniversary of service and innovation bringing together its highest donors, Nobel Prize Laureates and bureaucrats from the most powerful nations in the world.

I worked with IRC's in-house teams to conceptualize and build the event's motion system spanning 20 different touch-points ranging from infographics to documentary assets for the event. 

New Solutions, Bold Actions

The art direction and motion language for the event  pays homage to the scientific innovations of the last century that has helped millions of refugees across the world.

While staying true to the core brand, we used stretching typography and head-up display (HUD) elements to build a motion system that could work alongside difficult sensitive issues like displacement and more light hearted moments of the event like the entrance for Sesame Street Characters 

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