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Aanvik was born in Kolkata, India, as the world was introduced to the iPod. At the age of 3, when everyone was moving towards social hyperreality, he was moving countries. His work explores the collision of cultures and the creation of languages. 

Distinctly a child of the 21st century. He is an assemblage of postmodernist nostalgia, a rapidly declining attention span, and a frequent tendency to talk in the third person. 

(Portrait Photography by Joe Tankersley)

The Young Ones ADC Award '22 | Portfolio in Film and Animation
The Motion Awards | Infographic: Nominee
Rookie of The Year '22  | 2D Animated Film: Finalist
The Rookies Draft Selection '22  | Motion Graphics
CoMotion Award ‘22  | Winner in Best in Illustrated Design
CoMotion Awards ‘22 | Best in Infographic Motion: : Winner
CoMotion Awards ‘22 | Infographic Design: Winner
CoMotion Awards ‘22 | Best in Typographic Design: Winner
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