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CoMotion 2023
Into the Spotlight


Creative Direction, Logo Design, Storyboards, Design, Animation

CoMotion is the largest student-led motion graphics conferences in the world—that brings together studios from across the world to the #1 Motion Design Program in the world. 

The 14th annual event celebrates the diversity of motion design, its storytellers, and its relationship with light. 

As Creative Director, I led 38 multidisciplinary artists over six months to develop a cohesive identity system spanning 102 deliverables and title sequence. I also designed the logo and Initial concept alongside, Art Director, Marly Koven.


Red Dot: Brands and Communication Award '23

Applied Arts 2023: Motion

Communication Arts 2023

Good Moves | March 2023

Made With

Marly Koven, Rachel Golla, Alexis Dow, Desmond Du, Stephen Mok, Harshitha Suresh, Kyle Switzer, Isabelle K Winarto, Kaleb Sweeney, Cathy Lin, Meg Aki, Erica Kim, J.C. Petrofsky, Tiffany Lo, Antara Ghosh, Jessica Liou, Alexis Wang, Tiffany Tedy, Peter Wang, Xinxun Liao, Yining Li, Josie Glassman, Punasa (Bee) Sihsobhon, Meghna Shourie, Nicole Lin, Claire Lin, Sophia D’Alleva, Stephanie Sandoval, Samantha Woods, Juan Pablo Silhy, Alyssa Mackersie, Meghan Romance, Amadeus Cameron, Isabelle Duffner, Miguel Concha, Libby Nett, Caitlin Crooker, Savitri Trivedi, Alexandera Marca, Cora Keene, Shivani Varandani, Lauren Neu, Fatema Sultan, Tucker Ziegler, Maria Chiuz

Visual Development

Inspired by the traditional liturgical calligraphy and modernist cinematic title cards, the logo balances the past and future. It embodies our ethos of looking backward to move into the future.

The identity system was designed to accommodate a wide variety of mediums. A limited color palette and modular grid allowed s to tell a consistent story through 3 inch lanyards and 40 feet wide posters.

In motion, our deliverables were unified using a signature behavior: Refraction. All type ‘animates on’ in the same way and all visuals are treated using the same toolkit. 

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