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National Womens Soccer League

For years, the National Women's Soccer League (NWSL) has existed in the shadow of both men's sports and other women's leagues. This brand identity strategically repositions the NWSL and refreshes its visual identity to future proof itself for an exciting period of growth.
The concept ‘New Game State’ places NWSL’s stars front and center of our story. Built to emblemize a new sports brand that refuses to get lost in the crowd, we tell a brave and diverse new story.


Art Direction, Graphic Design,  Motion Design, Toolkitting



Made With

Woon 'Duff' Kee Yong

Words words words!

Right from the beginning, a conscious decision was made to tell a story about words not pointless dates, names or details. This informed the script and the visuals— making words the central character.

Storyboards + Styleframes

All imagery was rooted in visuals from different types of dictionaries — serif typefaces for older physical books and geometric typefaces for modern web-based dictionaries — while the colors and textures were inspired by archaic books and collages.

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