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Definite History of Dictionaries

How do we make people care about a list of words? This infographic introduces viewers to the complicated and misunderstood world of lexicography. 


Creative Direction, Script, Voice Acting, Design, Cel Animation, Type Animation


The Motion Awards | Infographic: Finalist

CoMotion '22 Showcase Infographic Motion | Winner

CoMotion '22 Showcase Infographic Design | Winner

Made With

Woon 'Duff' Kee Yong

Words words words!

Right from the beginning, a conscious decision was made to tell a story about words not pointless dates, names or details. This informed the script and the visuals— making words the central character.

Storyboards + Styleframes

All imagery was rooted in visuals from different types of dictionaries — serif typefaces for older physical books and geometric typefaces for modern web-based dictionaries — while the colors and textures were inspired by archaic books and collages.

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